The Spray Rack by Guffey Systems is a system of racks, hangers, and cars designed to forever change the way you finish cabinetry.

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Watch The System In Action

Third generation cabinet maker and co-creator of the Spray Rack System, Nathan Guffey, takes you thru the ins and outs of using the system and how it benefits his business every day.

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The Guffey System Advantage

2.5x Faster

Time studies have proven
the Guffey Spray Rack System is
2.5 times faster than spraying
by traditional methods.

Vertical Is Better

The Guffey System vertical workflow collects less airborn debris and prevents marring caused by traditional drying racks.


The Guffey System is scalable to fit shops of all sizes - whether you're spraying dozens or thousands of panels.

Less Waste

Increased spray booth capacity and throughput means less wasted paint, time, and ultimately - money.

Less Rework

No need to touch the panels between each side or each coat. Fewer touches means less opportunity to damage your finish.

All Sides At Once

Spraying all sides of a panel at once saves time and promotes a more consistent & even finish.

Dry, Store & Transport

Each rack can hold up to 20 panels, making them an ideal place to dry or store within a very minimal footprint.  The same rack can also easily transport to other areas for processing.

Eye-Level Spraying

No leaning or bending over required!  Improved ergonomics means reduced worker fatigue and work-related injuries.

Enter your typical panel production per week and finisher labor below to estimate the savings of The Guffey Systems Spray Rack for your shop over 6 months.


Panels Painted Per Week


Painter Labor Rate


Estimated Savings Over 6mo.

*Savings based on time study observed 9.4 min/panel for Guffey Systems Spray Rack vs. 34 min/panel for traditional horizontal turntable spray and flip method.

Who Is Guffey Systems?

Guffey Systems is three generations of cabinetmaker alongside a team of engineers with one shared goal - Revolutionizing the cabinet finishing process.

  Guffey Systems is a joint development effort of Guffey Cabinetry and APTUS DesignWorks.  The product design and engineering expertise of APTUS combined with the cabinet finishing knowledge and experience of Guffey Cabinetryhas led to the creation of the Guffey Systems Spray Rack.

  APTUS DesignWorks is an engineering and product development firm with over 100 years of combined design experience. Guffey Cabinetry brings the experience of 3 generations of cabinet building and finishing.

The unique combination of these two independently successful companies allows Guffey Systems to create the best new cabinet finishing product on the market.

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